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The Top 10 Camper Van Mistakes Newbies Make

By on January 24, 2018

Guest Post by Veronica Cavanaugh
I’ve packed all of the wrong clothes for a trip. I’ve forgotten to refill propane on my way to sleeping 20-degree nights. I’ve fully built…

Van Life

The Story Behind ‘Vanlifers: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle’

By on November 30, 2017


It’s hard for us to believe that when we first started our journey across Europe in a van it would culminate in a full-length documentary film of inspiring people….

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WDN Interview with The Roadtrippers: Exploring Canada

By on November 10, 2017

“Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life.”
Let’s start with who you are and a brief history of life ‘before vanlife.’


We are Pierre Rouxel and Camille…

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‘Vanlifers: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle’ to be Released!

By on November 9, 2017

It’s only taken 3+ years, countless miles (km) on the road and 13 interviews later… our van life documentary is ready. (Yay!)
When Will It Be Released?
This Monday (November 13,…

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Greece: A Whole New Van (Rebuild) And Being Static

By on September 26, 2017

Hey everyone! We’ve been pretty busy with our rebuild, so we haven’t kept up on our blog posts. We have been doing a lot of videos, though, so if…

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Our Workation in Sicily: Intense and Inspiring or Intensely Inspiring-?

By on May 24, 2017

The last post we wrote finished up with our excitement about being chosen for a workation in Sicily. It was our first, and we’d no idea what to expect.


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A Roman Holiday: Pompeii, Fab Friends & Workation on the Way

By on April 28, 2017

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front, but we’ve got good reasons for it, promise. Grin. We decided after our last Sicily tour to have some down…

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Southern Sicily: Artists, Ancients & Ghost Towns

By on February 10, 2017

We’ve been in southern Sicily for over a month now and we’ve been having an amazing time of it. We might be biased (Armando is half Sicilian), but it’s…

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3 Useful Tips for Making Money While Living in a Van

By on February 3, 2017

We’ve been traveling in our feisty Jamaican blue Westy (named Mork) for the last 5 years in Europe. And we’ve been able to do it by making money online…

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2016: What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been

By on December 27, 2016

The ending of the year is a time for reflection; 2016, for us, was filled with extremes. It seems to have been that kind of year for a lot…

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Europe to Canada: Our Latest (Long) Adventure

By on August 29, 2016

I was a little shocked when I checked out our last blog post. A combination of living off-grid, less-than-stellar connection, organization of our trip and the finality stress of…

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Italy to Germany: Travel Bloggers, Horses and Police (Again)-?

By on June 24, 2016

We took a short break from the blog, since we were traveling/meetups/traveling/working/traveling… and now we can breathe a moment. Grin.
So, to catch you up on recent adventures: we tearfully…

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The Mazury Region for Vanlifers

By on May 27, 2016

Guest Post By Monika Mizinska, Bewildered in Poland
The Masurian Lake District is the most unspoiled region in Poland, I tell you! There is hardly any industry, the pace of…

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Hola, España! We’re Back in Europe

By on April 20, 2016

It’s been a while since our last blog post. A lot of things have changed during that time. The first one: we’re back in Europe, in southern Spain, to…

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The Story of Ziggy Stardog: Taghazout, Morocco

By on January 28, 2016

We’re usually quite good about posting regularly on our ‘top secret’ new post days, but we’re flouting the rules to introduce you to Ziggy.
We’ve been staying in Taghazout the…

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Bonjour, Morocco: Culture Shock, We’ve Missed You!

By on January 20, 2016

I think it’s fair to say we’ve been a little coddled in our European experiences. The cultures are very diverse and fascinating, but there’s this underlying ‘Euro’ feeling.
Maybe it’s the…

Fun Facts

40+ Weird and Wonderful Facts about Portugal

By on December 18, 2015

Portugal is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, topped with a fascinating history and a vibrant culture. We fell in love with it at…

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Stopping by Lisbon, our capital N. 19

By on October 20, 2015

After a really nice time on the Portuguese seacoast, doing our typical slow travel, we finally arrived in Lisboa/Lisbon. We found a lovely spot just near the city center…

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A Surf Championship, A Coworking Meetup and Adiós to Spain

By on September 29, 2015

We haven’t done a regular travel post in quite a while; our hands were pretty full with our Kickstarter campaign and a lot of new clients. So we’ll just…

Van Life

Living as a Vanlife or Digital Nomad Couple aka How NOT to Kill Each Other

By on September 9, 2015

When people find out a.) we’re married- to each other- and b.) that we’ve been traveling on the road, in Europe for three+ years in a minivan, we get…