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The 5 Terre: A Unique Flavor

By on March 26, 2015

Have you always dreamed of having a unique and authentically Italian experience? It’s time to visit the Cinque Terre, or the ‘5 terraces.’

Known as the ‘Italian Riviera,’ it’s a national park area that is made up of 5 beautiful small towns, thus the name of the 5 terre. The rich and terraced hills lead down to the seaside for a stunning view.

Have you wondered what makes the Italian cuisine of Cinque Terre so uniquely tasty? We went outside of the guidebooks and asked the locals themselves. This is what we discovered!

The authentic flavors of the Cinque Terre are influenced by the perfect climate conditions. The combination of the rugged terraced hills, the wind that sweeps down to the sea and the sun create truly flavorful food.

What makes the Sciacchetra’ wine so special? The special influence of the rich soil that creates a particular bouquet that is aromatically sweet.

Have you ever heard of farinata? This focaccia bread is made of chickpeas in a traditional way that is centuries old. The slow process delivers a uniquely delicious taste of perfect simplicity.

When you’re looking for an original seafood dish in the Cinque Terre, there’s nothing better than the anchovies cake.Made from fresh anchovies and savory spices, it’s an unforgettable dish you won’t want to miss.

Our visit to the Cinque Terre or the 5 terre was an amazing experience of food, wine and traditional ways. Most importantly, we learned directly from the locals why their wonderful countryside produces such delicious tastes.



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