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Top Fives from a Short Stay in Sofia

By on October 5, 2012

As unfair as it is in the short time I’ve been here and part* of this society, I’m making lists.

Top 5 Things I’ll Miss From Sofia:

1.) The cool people I’ve met. Lydia, Galia, Plamen (again), Alexi, Dido (sp?), Zdrav, Kalina (sp?), Dani, Niki, Veronika and Stella… hope I haven’t missed anyone. And two very copasetic dogs. Ha.

2.) The hood.

3.) The forests.

4.) The random moments of bizarre, as in staying in a 1920s New York City film set.

5.) The way people care for local strays.

Top 5 Things I Won’t Miss:

1.) Intolerance for anything foreign, or slightly off-kilter.

2.) Negativity.

3.) Negative histories that don’t belong to me.

4.) The filth.

5.) The sadness and vast amount of stray animals and people, everywhere. It erodes optimism.

There. Let’s see what Plovdiv has to offer, and then Turkey here we come, after a sendoff from the best Sofia has to offer.



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