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Westfalia in Westphalia: Mork Visits His Factory

By on October 7, 2014

It was really nice the time we spent in Berlin, in our favorite neighborhood Moabit. We were near the river: quiet and with everything we needed just a 5-minute walk from where we parked. Our next destination was the Westphalia region for two reasons: the first one wass to visit and get in contact with the marketing manager of the Westfalia factory. It was a really great opportunity for us to create a connection, as well visit the place where Mork was born more than 20 years ago. A Westfalia in Westphalia.

We also received a message on our FB page from Rene, a passionate time lapser who lives in the same region. We took the opportunity to meet him. I had a really nice time with him- he showed me his projects and interesting places in and around the town of Essen.

The history of Essen is linked to many factories that had been in business years ago, after the war. They suddenly closed during the ’90s. The town changed during recent years and has created new business. Anyway, there are these beautiful urban factories that remain in the area. For example the Zollverein industrial complex in Land Nordrhein-Westfalen, at that time was the biggest coal mine in Europe. It’s now a museum and amusement park, and at night it’s lit up with interesting illumination. It was a good place for a time lapse with Rene.

His project is ongoing (you can find more information on his website here). A time lapse film about the area he lives in and the beautiful and shut down factories surrounding the area. Rene is also a really talented photographer and he loves to travel. I had the opportunity to take a look at his pictures of Iceland and the Northern Lights, as well as the shots of Vietnam and other beautiful places he’s visited.

He will become ( I hope ASAP) a fellow camper van traveler and probably a digital nomad. Just like us, he’s looking for freedom in his life, and because life is short, he doesn’t want to lose time working in an office. He’d like to ravel and discover the earth. It’s worth it!

At the moment, we’re parked in front of the Westfalia Factory in Wiedenbrück, where they offer electricity and water for campers. It’s perfect for us. Tomorrow I have a meeting (the second) with the marketing manager to discuss a possible future collaboration between us that could be mutually beneficial. Fingers crossed!

Armando, Mel & Mork



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