Travel Companion

TIME REPUBLIK: The ultimate Sharing Economy: a global TimeBank where you share your skills and talents in exchange for time.

FIND A NOMAD: An online map that shows where other digital nomads are hanging out both right now and in the future.

GLOBE TROOPER: A tool to find travel partners for group trips and world adventures. More specifically, Globetrooper is a tool for adventurous travellers to create trips and invite people from all over the world to join them. How cool is that?

WITH LOCALS: The peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. Their mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences.

INTER NATIONS: An international community for all people living and working abroad. Founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs from Germany (former expatriates themselves), it has become a large expatriate network, worldwide.

MEET UP: Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something.

BE WELCOME: Step inside and invite travelers to your home, find hosts all over the world, and become part of their multi-cultural hospitality community. They are a  not-for-profit, open sourced group and exclusively run by members- in a transparent and democratic way.

TRAVEL BUDDY: TravBuddy is a site for people who love to explore the world around them. You can use TravBuddy to find travel buddies, record travel experiences in travel blogs, or share travel tips with travel reviews.

TOURIST LINK: It gives you the opportunity to get a real feel of the culture. Meet up with a local for a coffee or beer, find travel companions to share the journey. Touristlink makes it easy to arrange your trip directly with the person organizing it.

MEAL SHARING: Meal Sharing brings people together over home-cooked meals. Their mission is to build communities through shared resources, facilitate deeper cultural exchange and encourage people.

FIND MEET GO: Meet a travel buddy using their travel partner resources.

WAYN: WAYN helps you to realize your dreams by connecting you with like–minded people based on your past experiences, where you would love to go and what you would love to do!