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Staying Sane As A Single Vanlife Digital Nomad

By on August 14, 2018

(& The Monkey On My Back)
Guest Post by Sacky Sackville, SUP Board Guide

When in Thailand many years ago, I met a group of European travellers who adopted me. It was Christmas time and I was alone, so they invited me to spend the week leading up to the festive…

Shore of Ireland


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Fun Facts Travel blog

40+ Interesting Facts about Ireland that Intrigue

By on May 22, 2018

When I was compiling my facts about Ireland, I realized early on it was going to be long. Very, very long. There are just so many intriguing aspects, from the misconceptions of the Irish to the history, just the basics, superstitions and the landscape. I’ve divided them into two,…


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Travel blog

The French Coast and Normandy: Omaha Beach & Oyster Farms

By on April 19, 2018

We’ve always loved the French coast, though our last visit was a few years ago. The highlight then, for me, were the sea lions (or ‘big boned’ seals, we’re still not sure, grin). This time we kind of raced from Portugal, through Spain, to get in the area of…

vanlife with dogs gnomad home


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Van Life

Vanlife with Dogs: The Challenges and Rewards

By on April 11, 2018

Guest Post by Jayme and John of Gnomad Home
If you’re considering vanlife and you have a dog – or if you already live in a van and are thinking about adding a canine companion to your life –  you’re probably wondering how in the heck you’re going to make…

Current Location - France

Armando Costantino and Melony Candea are a couple that also happen to be digital nomads in Europe and recently in North America. Armando is a film director that edits; Melony is a writer who works online. They both freelance. Armando shoots film and uploads onto the Internet while he also hones his editing and web skills as a freelancer. Melony writes copy, SEO, creative and also does social media work. We live in a van by choice, for the best access to the best places in Europe. Our van’s name is Mork, and he has taken us on a multitude of adventures. He’s part of our family. Grin

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Armando Costantino and Melony Candea have been on the Euro road living in a van for the past 7 years. They pay for their travels by working online (Armando's a film director, Mel's a writer) while traveling on the road.

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