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Videos: Campervan Rebuild: Our 1995 VW Westfalia T4

By on August 31, 2017


We’ve been living in our 1995 VW Westfalia T4 van (named Mork) since 2012. After working hard and saving, we can finally afford to get the campervan rebuild and cleaning we’ve wanted for ages.

That means: getting rid of all of the rusty gunk that’s quietly grown; taking out the kitchen; checking the flooring; and adding some personal tweaks we want as ‘on-the-road working nomads.’

This series will take you, from start to finish, through the entire process we’re doing. We were extremely lucky to have found #greekwesty (Greek Westy). The head mechanic is a professional Westfalia guru, and he’s the one rebuilding our home in rural Greece.

Follow our van renovation adventures. Hopefully, if you need any tips or rebuilding your own 1995 T4 Westfalia campervan (or even similar models), this series will help. Let us know if you have any questions on the specific videos.

Safe travels and keep watching!

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