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We Done and Did It: Got Married and in the Media, With Bells

By on February 7, 2014


A brief summary of our wedding: I did walk down the aisle. We both said the “I dos.” (Is that the plural form of “I do-?” Ha. Crikey) A few measly details and I won’t be overlong about it, promise.

My dress was from Deni, I added touches including the boots. Our wedding photos look like a cowgirl marrying a Sicilian Mafioso, which we both love. The ceremony itself, attended by Deni, Galia, Niki and Plamen- our closest Bulgarians that have been part of our journey since the beginning- were all as full of humor and goodness as we were. Many moments of laughter during the wedding ceremony, including our magister.

In all, a quote I can take from the wedding: “That was the most entertaining wedding I’ve ever been to-!” (The quoted will remain anonymous, as most said the same). It was in an old communist building swathed in orange, lace curtains and potted plants. It was unforgettable.


The most moving part: Deni’s gift to us, inscriptions in our silver rings that say “On the road.” How brilliant is that?

OK, done. Armando, being the lovely and over-active person he is, also organized 3 TV interviews, I was approached for a news article and he was approached for radio within about the last week and a half- the same time doing paperwork, getting married and we were both working full time. Oops, forgot to mention the seminar.

I’m much more a behind-the-scenes girl, Armando’s the showman, so I had difficulty trying to present myself on film as anything but stilted and stiff. He was rico suave, as always. Grin. I was uncozy in the seminar at first, but thank goodness for my seminar experience from the dusty past. It wasn’t bad, but we’ve found out what tweaks are needed for the future.

IMG_8868One great thing about an interview: we discovered a place we never would have found, full of bells. Kambanite, or the International Children’s Monument and Park in Sofia. It’s an unusual aspect to Sofia. It’s a call back to Communism, but a breadth of international cheers. I rang the bell for the U.S., Armando rang it for Italy and the entire experience was unique. It’s the same thing we’d go for if we were on the road, and we were lucky enough to discover it while we’re here (thanks BG TV, grin).

If you’re ever in Sofia, take the time to check it out. Now we’re waiting on last paperwork, working and looking forward to warmer places with different languages. It has been much, much better than we expected here in many ways- we are thankful, Sofia. Bulgaria. Friends.

Our first post as newlyweds, from the beauty that is Bulgaria, M & A & Mork


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    Yvonne Corbett

    February 7, 2014

    As always , a good read. As I read your words , images pop into my head and I can imagine the scene you are describing…I love reading your stuff and following your journey. Again, I congratulate the two of you and look forward to the next read <3

    • Reply

      Melony Candea

      February 8, 2014

      Yvonne, we love having you here. Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness. 🙂 Hugs from across the pond. M.


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