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The Wonderful Power of Aunties

By on November 12, 2013

photoWe’ve been quite quiet on the blog front, not because we aren’t doing anything but because we’re not doing anything at all interesting. But we will be soon, and we’re so looking forward to it.

We’re going to have an ‘auntie invasion’ in a few days. My Auntie Cherryl and Auntie Sheila are flying into Milan on Friday the 14th, and they’ll be adventuring in Italy for roughly 12 days.

Armando’s got no idea what he’s in for (in such a good way). Grin.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his Aunt Lidia; she’s a warm, bubbly and caring bundle of laughter. You just feel happy being around her. It’s contagious. She doesn’t speak very much English but understands some (the same with my dubious Italian)- but she teaches me and inspires me to learn more.

photo(1)Armando’s other aunt, Aunt Pina, is also from his dad’s side. She really helped us out with the van in a moment of crisis- and she did it with a hug and a gentle smile. (Thank you, Pina!)

My Auntie Cherryl is on my dad’s side, and lives in Helena, MT. We explored Paris together with my cousin Misti and my boyfriend at the time, Daniel. That Christmas visit involved an evacuation from the Eiffel Tower where we were having Christmas dinner- due to a hurricane. Seriously. I’m sure this visit will be just as memorable, for different reasons.

My Auntie Sheila is the youngest on my dad’s side, and she lives in my hometown of Ronan. She’s been a Special Education/learning difficulties teacher for 20+ years and has traveled the world. This will be the first time for us to be abroad together- we’ve had a lot of almost-meetings in Europe through the years.

To be able to see Italy with both of them, and through their eyes, is beauty.

All three aunties will meet Thursday morning. I can already tell it’s going to be fantastic.

Other things: on a Mork note, we’ve had to get his papers in order and get a few repairs. The drive shaft oil canister-thingy (don’t ask me, I’m no mechanic) cracked and had to be repaired. That such a seemingly small thing- it’s about a 2-inch cylinder- could cost so much is a little jaw dropping.

The sink was emitting the stench again- I’ll let you keep your lunch down and refrain from describing it. It needed cleaning. It’s a necessary evil, though, maintaining the van. Especially with the visit coming up- and especially with our winter plans.

Our sink solution: 3 bottles of ‘sink cleaner,’ buckets of water, bleach, more buckets of water. No stench. Woohoo!

photo(2)We found a brilliant solution to our WiFi problems: a portable WiFi device that works with a data SIM card (all over Europe, we only need to replace the SIM with a local provider).  

It can handle up to 10 devices as a hotspot. How happy are we to have such a fantastic solution to WiFi woes. We’ll be writing a review soon.

There have been a few recent ‘lifely hiccups,’ as my Auntie Cherryl  would say. But ‘everything that’s meant to be happens,’ as my Auntie Sheila would say. Grin.

This will be the first visit of my family in over 10 years for me. My last visit home was 5 years ago, under sad circumstances. It’s just a joy to be able to see family again.

With much happy anticipation, let the Auntie Invasion begin!

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