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By on April 11, 2014

IMG_2108Two years ago, in 2012, when in Istanbul, at the beginning of our journey, I was looking for a job that will allowed me to travel and in the same time to wok as videographer. I was looking in a website, dedicated to film, movie production and such when I found an advertisement that was looking for somebody in Istanbul able to take video interview. In the website I have already uploaded my CV and I send my proposal, telling that I’m actually in the same city. After few days I had the first answer by email, and with a more detailed explanation about the job they need me to do.

So from that day I started my working relationship with Avenue 822, a website that contain video interview of nice shops, restaurant, boutique all around the world.

The first task was to shoot, edit and upload around 20 videos from Istanbul. Was a little bit difficult about language barrier but with gesture I get it done.

My two bosses, Marcia Sherrill and Diane Jenkins where happy about the final result and when I inform them about my next movement to Greece and they ask me to produce more videos. So I did Kavala, Thessalonki, Athens and Patra.

I can say is a really nice job for me as I like to work outside and as a social person to meet new people everyday. Using my bike, I first take contact with interesting shops and organize the timing for the interview. After that I show up for the video interview. Is a nice feeling, especially in smaller town, when people know you and offer you a coffee in the morning as they are happy for the service you provided.

After south of Italy, with several other cities, my bosses tell me that they will come in Europe for scouting and we could have the possibility to meet in real person and this is what happened. We meet in Munich and we start to go around the city together finding nice shops and such. Believe is an adventure going around with them! and so much fun. We meet again in Prague for more shooting and after that they continue their journey and we where on their steps but with a slow travel. Passing by Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris.

I continue working for Avenue 822 as videographer and editor as well and I enjoy it. I think is a successful working relationship from both side and without the conformity of a “normal” job, intended as an office job, but a digital nomads job.

I asked few question to Marcia and Diane to show you also the other side:

When posting an ad on line for a videographer it is essential to be clear about exactly the skill set that you need and try as be as descriptive as possible. Of course you will get a full range of competence from students to larger production houses but your budget will dictate who you choose. When you choose someone it is important to describe (or show an example) of the type of footage you need and have the videographer do a test.  do not just accept samples that are sent to you as unscrupulous individuals will send work that is not their own this is why you must decide something you want shot, an upcoming event, a venue or a person and get new footage. For a wedding video etc it is best to get references that you can verify.
The skills they must display before being hired vary depending on the job and you need to be clear as to what you need. Many videographers also edit and you may prefer to keep it all with one person. Likewise videographers can produce and again that would simplify your crew needs. It is important to thoroughly specify what you need and have examples.
The internet makes it very easy to work with distant videographers especially through Skype. Once you have decided to work together and the scope of the work is determined then an online working relationship like a face-to-face relationship  requires contact and communication. With the large file-sharing sites it is easy to review work and make critiques. 

Avenue 822 is always looking for new videographer all around the world and I’m in charge to manage new candidate for this job. So do not hesitate to write me an email and I can answer you more detailed, in order to create a worldwide videographer database.

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    Roberto Pecchi

    October 17, 2015

    Salve Costantino, è la prima volta che sto muovendosi in una ricerca in questa direzione per lavorare nel contesto professionale del la produzione e servizi conto terzi. Se posso avere una mail dove inviarti un profilo di esperienze e Equipment che dispongo te lo inoltrero’. Anche io posso spostarmi con il mio Camper.

    Intanto grazie
    Roberto Pecchi
    Nemus Films Ltd

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      October 17, 2015

      La mia mail la trovi nella pagina about us

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    Tom Conti

    April 18, 2018


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      Armando Costantino

      April 19, 2018

      Thanks Tom, I’ll check for sure as I’m always hungry for good video music!

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    May 11, 2018


    Thanks for your website dude!

    Do you think Avenue822 is still hiring?

    Could do you recommend a website for videographers and production jobs?



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