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By on August 18, 2013

‘We want to know that we left footprints when we passed by, however briefly.
We want to be remembered.
So remember us
.’ –Mike A. Lancaster

Our time with Adrian was what it was: a gift. He gave us a new way to see- to recreate innate connections- a deeper way of enjoying the daily minutiae of being. In the end, he gave us life.

The loss we feel isn’t for the happiness we had with his short journey into our lives. It’s the loss of having such anticipation of meeting him- and having that possibility erased- in minutes. But if we only focus on the unfairness, we also ignore the joy his presence gave us in those expectations. We dim his gift.

Every step of our path forward now carries within its mark Adrian’s small, indelible footprint. His gift grows stronger and lighter each day.

We love you Adrian.

Armando & Mel



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