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Auld Lang Syne in Ancient Greece

By on January 3, 2013

It was almost omen-esque of me to mention ‘togas’ in the last post, because we rang in the New Year’s with Armando’s version. Before I get into that, I’ll get you caught up on Thessaloniki, in the heart of the ancient Greece.

We arrived Christmas day, leaving the camper’s nightmare behind with relief. Like two fugitives, really. When we arrived, we stopped next to the vast boardwalk that lines the city and relaxed.

We decided the best option would be to find a Starbucks, ask locals for help with suggestions for where to stay and hopefully find a place before it grew dark. As always seems to happen with us, we were more than in luck.

The Starbucks we happened upon also happened to be literally across the street from Hotel Kastonia, where the meeting point was for Winter Camp Thessaloniki 2012. We got parking right out in front of the doors, got electricity and had soul-cleansing showers.

Armando spoke with the manager, and offered to do a video. I did a review. In exchange, free showers, wifi and electricity- not to mention we were at the hub of activities.

One thing you can never guarantee: there’s always got to be one. One of the managers- yes, grandma, I have to use your term- is an absolute sourpuss. Not just with us, but it wafts off of him like a rash of negativity.
The Winter Camp itself was grand, we made a lot of new friends and some great contacts for our future travels. It was kismet, of sorts.

So…the toga party. Armando bought two garment bags, a red shiny-sash thingamajobby and a pine-wreath looking thing. Photos are included here: grin.

In all, it was a nice experience to be socialized again after a vast amount of down time in Kavala. Thessaloniki is surprisingly hip, with a large bar and club nightlife intermingled with ancient history.

The only other complaint we might have is that for some god-awful reason, our parking space is right next to where the local ladies of the night wait for their evening, erm, ‘shifts.’ It’s amazing how loud those girls get, swapping stories at 11pm.

Pluses: uncanny timing with the yearly Winter Camp, Armando can finally (legally) do his street art again and we’ve had a blast getting out. Dancing our hineys off, and then some.

We’ll be here a few more days before we start making our way to Athens. It’s been a perfect way to spend our holidays, even without the snow. Or is that especially without it? Ha.

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    January 23, 2013

    This one made me laugh…what a life 🙂 Your stories always take me away…even if just for a little while <3

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      melony candea

      January 26, 2013

      I love making people laugh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying our travels. It’s nice to have you along.


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