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Back on the Road: Our New Adventures Begin

By on May 11, 2015

We’ve been kind of busy little camping bees, getting back into our travel groove. It’s funny how rusty we’d become after our Milan pause. Small things we wouldn’t have noticed are like neon signs now.

Like me giving the hairy eyeball to anyone loitering too close to the van, or Armando getting creative with curse words at imagined slights/judgments when we’re hanging at home. Grin.

Oh, but it does feel so good to officially be back on our travels. I suppose one of the most important things we gained by being static for awhile: never, but never take how lucky we are for granted.

Our first short journey brought us to the Westfalia che Passione Meetup. At the last count, there were 70+ vehicles: Westys, VWs and a few in-between. It was a surreal sense of belonging and of community. We had a blast.

It was made even nicer by Pablo and Mara stopping by on the Saturday for the ‘camper’s dinner.’ Great conversation with good friends as a goodbye to Milan. The only minus’ were the clappers they gave out, and both children and adults worked the toys to deafening levels.

At the meetup, we’d met Marco who invited us to stop by Genoa. So we did. Ha. That’s another thing we’d missed- the freedom to make our own schedule or go with the wind as we choose.

P1890933Unfortunately, after a nice luncheon and an agreement we could park in the very city center of Genoa, when we got back to Mork he’d been broken into.

The very best way I can explain this to anyone that doesn’t remotely live like us is: imagine everything you own, all of your personal papers, clothing, everything so tossed you don’t know where to start to find out what was stolen.

In the end, the not-so-clever thief took Armando’s bag, with all of his clothing; a mini-toolkit we’d got from GoWesty; and my summer sandals.

Yes, it is very bizarre. But good luck to them, we say, as we also quietly celebrate the things they didn’t find to steal… grin.

Genoa was nice despite that experience, and Marco as a host was lovely. He runs Giardini Luzzati Nuova Associazione, which has improved the neighborhood and created new spaces for kids and young people, plus music. We had a mini-date night with Ska floating in the background. Perfect.

P1890976Armando had been in touch with Pier and Amelie from Orme sul Mondo. Since they were on the way to France, we decided to stop by. It coincided with the Giro d’Italia race- it’s like the Tour de France of Italy- and Armando was able to have a nice chat and get an interview with them.

Right now we’re a hair’s breath away from the French border, parked at a campsite. We’ll be going to France in just a few days, but felt the need to kind of recharge our batteries before storming the French Coast.

The town we’re in is interesting- Latte, or ‘Milk’- is apparently a hotspot for the French to visit for cheap smokes and drinks. It’s also quite close to the beach, which I’ll be checking out tomorrow after I finish work. We decided to stay at Por la Mar camping, with trade: a video for hospitality.

I guess we got all of the reminders, good and bad, of what living on the road means. We’re not at all put off. In fact, I’d say we’re ready to jump in with both feet for our next new adventures. Travel ho!

Wish us well and we’ll be in touch,

Mel, Armando and Mork



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