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Berlin, Mein Berlin

By on September 22, 2014

Sometimes re-living a city is different, it depends on the job I have at that time as a digital nomad. Last year, actually, we were in Berlin for a week only and we already liked the city. At that time I had my scouting and shooting job with Avenue 822, in order to create nice videos about cool places in town.

Riding my bike, going to interesting neighborhoods and finding the shops first, then organizing the interviews, editing the videos and uploading them: mission accomplished.

This year is different, and with different goals. I have a new client from the UK, an entrepreneur that will launch on the market several new products and wants me to produce and create videos that will be used for a Kickstarter campaign. So now the fisrt one is an ‘Intelli Shaker,’ for sports people. My idea is not just to show the product, but to get real testimonials of sports people that might use it and find it useful.

So first research the ground in Berlin: gyms, fitness, football courts, basketball courts, water sports and so on. Again with my bike (god bless my bike) around the city making appointments and organizing my job.

It’s really a different way to get to know and visit a city where you’ve never lived. Probably the bike is the best way: it’s fast, doesn’t consume fuel and also allows you to reach places outside the city center perimeter. But at the end of the day, my legs are so sore! Anyway, it’s good exercise.

P1480175So this week I met the British Lions for example, an expat international football team here in Berlin and I will meet them again next week to take the interview for my job. As well a Tae Kwan Do studio in Moabit and several other gyms and fitness centers.

I was able in one week to organize and to contacs all the people I need in order to create a nice video for my client. Everytime it’s a new challenge, especially when the next product will be a 5 second onion peeler. A housewife and restaurant chef are waiting for me, where ever I will be.

As well we are happy about the neighborhood we chose to park Mork: quiet, nice people, the river and many facilities we need in order to have a comfortable life.

We have water from a gas station once a week, the swimming pool for swimming and hot showers, several wifi cafes, a public library where it’s really nice to work in with plugs and free wifi, our favourite laundry Freddy Leck, supermarkets all around and most of all, really not far from the city center.

We still do not know how long we will be in Berlin, maybe just for the time for me to finish this project and after that we will be back on the road.

Mainly driving south as the winter is coming, but probably with a stop in the Westphalia region here in Germany for a visit to the company that in a very important way has changed our lives: Westfalia.

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