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Come With Us: Bulgaria

By on July 15, 2016

From Sep 02, 2012 to Oct 13, 2012:

41 days of #vanlife

We went to Sofia, Bulgaria, to a film lot that Armando was working on as a ‘First AD (Assistant Director).’ It was my first foreign country to live in, for a short time anyway, in a country that wasn’t the CZ. How surreal can you get?


Is it 1920s NYC, or Sofia, Bulgaria? Your eyes deceive you.


Oh, goodness. At a lake, outside of Sofia. Back in the early days, when we had more poles than one. And I’d forgotten how fantastic Mork can look in his full glory-! Grin.


On the film set, creepy and cool. Probably shot in the middle of the night, after herding all of the extras into place on the set. I love this shot.


Mork posing coquettishly next to the lake outside of Sofia, Bulgaria. What a looker-! Grin.


You know, I don’t know what this was. A stalker portrait-? Ha. This was actually taken in a parking lot where the police showed up, I think. Funny story, that.


Waking up to a 1920s New York City film set, with everyone in period clothing. Horses. And then at around 3 p.m. daily, the set of the sequel to ‘300’ had men walking past wearing Greek loincloths and swords. Yeah, surreal doesn’t really cover it. Ha.


We got our priceless* (*mean it much) solar panel installed. How many days and in how many ways has it saved our hineys-? We couldn’t live without this beauty.


A shockingly beautiful shot from the film.


Because I learned a bit of Czech, when I heard Bulgarian spoken I could understand a little. Then the Cyrillic writing threw me- it’s a lovely, delicate script. At least Armando understood, eh?


Back on the set. You really don’t realize the details that go into producing a film until you see it live. This is classic.


Once upon a time, our lovely van was cleaner than clean. Before the dog and such. I’m reading a book. Armando was not. 😉


One of the best things about going to Sofia was being able to meet cool people. Plamen and Armando worked together on the film, sometimes into the wee hours of the day. Such good people.


Hello notes from people stopping by to tell us goodbye and we were already crashed out.


Plovdiv, an odd ass-ortment of mannequins in a shop window. The city itself was really lovely. Historic, with an arena and old stone streets that were worn down through the centuries.


Armando’s money shot in Plovdiv. It’s from the city center, and they have tons of unique fountains peppered throughout.

Have you been to Sofia or the film studio? What was your experience? Have you got any great tips for visitors to Bulgaria? Let us know in the comments below! Next stop: Turkey.



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