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Come With Us: Greece

By on July 29, 2016

From Dec 18, 2012 to Feb 14, 2013:

165 days of #vanlife

We kind of celebrated, pork-wise, after leaving Turkey. There were many moments in Greece that were memorable: having to get hunters to unstick our rig; New Year’s with Armando dressed in plastic in Thessaloniki; or how about staying in a restaurant parking lot for 5 Euros daily to pay for electricity-? Greece was historic for us in its own way (thank you, Greece).


At customs, from Turkey to Greece. They raked us over the coals and inspected everything we owned, and then some. The deal maker-? Armando’s fishing rod on the top of the van. One of the officer’s was an avid fisherman and we got waved through.


Holy wonderful baconish slices, after 2 ½ months without any pork! We gorged, and it wasn’t particularly pretty. But it was pretty tasty. Grin.


Mork stuck in mud and muck, no way we could’ve got out without the local hunters helping us. We’d still be there now without their assist.


Alexandropulis, at sunset. Our first stop in Greece official.*


Christmas Day, we thought it’d be a fantastic idea to do a full clean in the creepiest campsite we’ve ever come across. (Sue and Dave, yep. Ha.)


Flags on arrival. Woohoo-!


I wrote this after the 3rd fella used our tire as a toilet in Thessaloniki. Right next to the nightly prostitutes, and a thief that was angry he couldn’t steal our bicycle- so he decided to put an extra lock on it. Armando had to cut it off.


A famous mountain/place in Greece, apparently. Grin. The Mount Olympus, home of the Greek Gods.


Gangsta styles, in the Greek mountains. It was the first time we’d seen snow in absolute ages, and we were in the midst of the mountains. We also caught a glimpse of Mount Olympus, as one does.


It was probably the coldest we’ve ever been, in the Greek countryside. We actually wrapped ourselves in every extra piece of clothing we had. Frozen/frostbit more than a little were we.


The ‘freezing-est’ place we’ve ever stayed, including Tremalzo in wintertime. Man was it super cold and gosh, it was a tough spot. Looks pretty from here, though, eh?


Again, a little frozen in Greece (which is funny, because most imaginative picturings is of the isles and heated beach).


Us. Part way to Meteora.


Meteora. Note the clifftop monasteries.


Our friends from New Zealand, Dave and Sue, gave us the tip to visit Meteora. It is still one of our all-time favorite places- and possibly the most spiritual. Just gorgeous goodness.


We found an obscure back road next to a lake, where Armando met several fishermen and took footage.


The ferry to Italy. Quite fraught with emotion and weather. Goodbye Greece.

What about you? Have you been to Greece? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!



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