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Home Sweet Home

By on October 20, 2014

Home sweet home: one year later and we are back in my hometown. A lot of things have happened in 365 day, so many that sometimes I get confused by the memories. From the experience on the small farm village Sinca Noua in Romania, to the expensive city of Oslo and all the roads in-between.

I think I’ve become a story telling book, just ask me about our adventures and I can start talking for hours. Isn’t that amazing? And I think I feel it more when I’m back in my hometown, as time to time I meet old friends here that actually do not travel so much and their experience is tied to just one place. What a difference.

Just last week we were in the north of Germany, in Koln. One night driving and here now we’re in Milan. What a drive! It took two full days to recover from it.

2014-10-15 11.10.36-1We don’t know how much time we’ll spend here in Milan, not too long, not too short. Many things have to be done, for example, bring Mork to my friend Francesco: oil, filters and probably new shoes (tires) for him. Ready for more and more miles. We also have several meetings here, for our website with Andrea, an old friend from the maternity school that collaborated and helped us. With Maurizio, our former TV producer that is creating a TV show about our life on the road.

Of course it’s also the time to catch up with family members, people that I can’t see so often and spend some nice and quality time with them.

I think it’ll be good to stop here till the end of November, after all the travel sometime it’s not bad to just take a little break, in order to gain energy for the next move: Spain, Morocco and Portugal for all the winter season. I really don’t mind being on the beach somewhere for Xmas, I will post a picture for sure.

Last Saturday we celebrated my brother Jerry and my best friend Pablo’s birthdays. It was a really nice night out, in a small artist’s atelier, full of good food, good wine and really nice people.

So welcome back to Milan! It seems it’s changed a lot from the last time I was here, but at the same time it’s still the same.

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    October 27, 2014

    E’ bello tornare a casa… e poi, come cantava quel vecchio disco degli assalti frontali “Devo avere una casa per andare in giro per il mondo”, no?


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