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The Mazury Region for Vanlifers

By on May 27, 2016

Guest Post By Monika Mizinska, Bewildered Slavica

The Masurian Lake District is the most unspoiled region in Poland, I tell you! There is hardly any industry, the pace of life is way slower than in other regions. In some villages, time seems to have stopped some thirty years ago.

The countryside is untouched and free: you can see all kinds of animals, sample fresh fruit in the forest, swim in thousands of lakes and enjoy the blissful sounds of water, frogs and cicadas.

It is an unappreciated region, which at the same time is a big advantage: the region is quite wild and there are plenty of things to explore and get surprised with!

The Mazury are fairly easy to reach thanks to the many highways and national roads connecting it to the rest of the country. The Internet works very well in most of the region, so don’t worry about not meeting your deadlines due to the lack of connection!

Ełk via Bewildered in Poland

Ełk via Bewildered in Poland

Who would enjoy the Masurian Lake District?

Ublik via Bewildered in Poland

Ublik via Bewildered in Poland

Anybody who appreciates the awesomeness of Mother Nature will feel at home there. The Mazury is a vast region, and you’ll need a couple of weeks to discover it properly.

If you are keen in trekking or Nordic walking – this is the place for you. The hills and forests make a perfect place for this kind of activity.

If you are looking for a peaceful place to catch up with work, you couldn’t have chosen better. Digital nomads and other location-independent workers will certainly find both a source of inspiration and motivation.

The Masuria Lake District is also a spot-on place for swimmers and sailors.

As you can see, everyone will find something interesting there!

Where can you park your van?

Talki via Bewildered in Poland

Talki via Bewildered in Poland

The Masuria region is pretty safe and quiet, and so are the campsites.

All campsites in Poland have the basic facilities and are usually situated among beautiful landscapes, so don’t worry- when you wake up you will see splendid views from your van.

Here are some of the most popular places for camping, however I am sure that if you are a free spirit and don’t like to plan, you will certainly find many other safe spots for your mobile home:

Camping Ukiel in Olsztyn

Camping Kama in Mikolajki

Camping Echo in Gizycko

Camping Katno in Katno

A farm in Barczewo

When should I go there?

Marina Giżycko via Bewildered in Poland

Marina Giżycko via Bewildered in Poland

Due to quite harsh winters, it’s better to avoid winter months. The freezing cold may disable your van and your bones!

The  Mazury are beautiful in winter, everything is covered in fluffy snow, but don’t worry, they are equally beautiful in the summer months.

Everything is green and fresh, and most importantly, you won’t freeze or face logistic problems because of the cold!

What about you? Have you been to the Mazury Region in Poland?

Have you got any favorite spots to share with vanlifers? Please let me know in the comments below!

Monika MizinskaMonika Mizinska is a Polish travel blogger living in Morocco. Her new blog, Bewildered in Poland, was created with the intention of sharing the beauty Poland has to offer. Her focus is on introducing travelers and locals to the unspoken wonders to discover, or rediscover in Poland. She’s also an event planner and freelance writer based in Casablanca.



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