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Hola, España! We’re Back in Europe

By on April 20, 2016

It’s been a while since our last blog post. A lot of things have changed during that time. The first one: we’re back in Europe, in southern Spain, to be more precise.

Back in Europe: Reflections on Morocco


We can say that 3 months in Morocco was extremely beautiful and stressful as well – for both of us. We have kept one of the best memories ever from there, for ourselves: Ziggy. He’ll always be a reminder of that stunning country.

We didn’t have too much difficulty in Morocco, just a bit of stress because the cultural differences and way of life. Nothing bad, just much different than what we’re used to.

A few examples from the end of our Moroccan tour: we were dying for different types of food. There are only so many tajines you can eat in a week. They’re really yummy and full of flavor, but we were craving ham and cheese sandwiches after 3 months. Sad but true. Ha.

Another difference that was a little frustrating, especially as we travelled more north: the amount of people approaching the van, trying to barter, beg, or sell. Again, that was probably more down to us being ready to go than it was a reflection on daily trades.

We also had great time meeting people, both locals and tourists like us, on our journey. We met people who live and travel in their vans and locals that shared their culture and life experiences with us. Memorably: a shepherd, a coastal fisherman and a farming family.

Southern Spain and Argentinian Kindness


On the ferry back to Spain, Armando saw a nice van with a big sign that read: “la Gran Familia.” When we were on the boat, he started to chat with them about their van and exchange stories. They had a great chat in ‘pseudo -Italo-Espaniard’ and then they invited us to stay in a field near their house. It’s located at the top of some rolling green mountains, just behind Málaga.

We showed up and at the moment, we’ve already been camping here for 2 weeks. We kind of needed a break and to regroup after Morocco, and it’s so warm and cozy to feel at home. Dario and Vanesa, with their two sweet daughters and two energetic puppy dogs, are a great family. The puppies bring out the puppy in Ziggy and he enjoys playing with them or playing the bored teen, depending on his mood.

We have a cable for the electricity and a free WiFi and water supply. What more could we ask for? We don’t usually like to overstay our welcome, but things sometimes change and with us it’s almost a guarantee. Grin.

Vanessa’s family is originally from Argentina and they have a restaurant called Rocca Grill,  just down near the seaside in Mijas. They need our help with creating some advertising. We’re more than happy to give it to them, with a video and an updated FB page with new photos.

Unfortunately, (or the opposite, depending how you look at it) it wasn’t the right time for us to do anything because the restaurant was under a small renovation.

A Small Jaunt to the UK & Back


It was better for us to wait until it’s done. A week went by. Then one of Armando’s clients from the UK needed some help for a new video project, so in one day he flew to Yorkshire and worked there with him. And almost another week passed by.

Now he’s back at ‘the base’ and we’ll wait a couple more days so they can finish the last details of the restaurant and we can start our work. That’s what has happened, let’s say, in the last month? Ha. Interesting, busy, calm and pretty surroundings. Not bad at all, being back in Europe.

We’re so lucky and happy that we had the chance to meet them. We always think that with more people like Dario and Vanesa, this world would be a better place for sure. Kindness and generosity goes a very long way.

Bye from

Armando, Mel, Ziggy & Mork



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