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The Story of Ziggy Stardog: Taghazout, Morocco

By on January 28, 2016

We’re usually quite good about posting regularly on our ‘top secret’ new post days, but we’re flouting the rules to introduce you to Ziggy.

We’ve been staying in Taghazout the last few days, because it’s a surf hotspot and the WiFi isn’t as shy as it is in many places. Granted, some of our parking choices involve words like ‘boon’ and ‘docks,’ so it’s not so shocking.

P2480281Last night I was already tucked up in bed with a book while Armando was off shooting the town lights at night. We’d noticed a pack of dogs, all sizes and denominations, from 4-6 at a time. There are so many stray dogs and cats here (and possibly a few donkeys, too, but the jury’s still out on that one).

Armando returned, and was surrounded by a small group of dogs. He opened the door and one jumped in, cowering in the corner of Mork.

The other dogs were still barking and such outside the door, obviously bullying the chap. We decided to wait until they’d dispersed to let it out. When all was quiet on the canine front, we both tried.

P2480298The dog refused to leave. It was in such a sorry state- at that point we’d no clue if it were injured (we couldn’t see anything), it was quiet and calm, and we made the executive decision: we’ll let it stay, but if it scratches at the door, we’ll let it go. We won’t hold an animal against its will, you know?

A silent night and good morning, dog.

I have to inject here: I’m a huge softie. I’ve wanted to keep every stray that has ever crossed our paths. Armando’s the one that has remained strict: no animals in Mork.

Well, that rule has been heaved out the window and stomped on.

P2480226The next test: open the door and let it frolic. It came back and guarded the van while we were having our coffee. The next- and most important test- how will it travel in the van? Calm as a cucumber, it turns out. I think it’s the mellowest dog I’ve met.

We spent the morning looking for a vet in Agadir, the closest ‘big’ town. And then the morning to get the news: it’s a very healthy 3-year-old 80% Spaniel mix. He got his shots, his chip, a much-needed bath, a new collar and food. A name: Ziggy Stardog. And a new home.

We’ll have to wait for a month or so to get his passport, but good golly: how quickly life can change in less than 24 hours, eh?

We’re thankful that someone left him behind, so that he could adopt us. The vet told us he’s been somewhat taken care of and somewhat trained, which means he was abandoned. Their loss is our gain.

Grateful in Morocco,

Mel, Armando, Mork & Ziggy



  1. Reply

    Lulu Anderson

    November 1, 2016

    I love this. I am in Taghazout now and although I can’t take an animal I found a stray kitten who needs some serious medical tx… Am debating taking her to Agadir to ease her suffering (medicine?…other?). Thank you!

    • Reply

      Armando Costantino

      November 14, 2016

      With Ziggy we did not have any choice: he just jum into the van and won’t leave 🙂 In Agadir there are only 2 vet available. It’s true that Morocco is not really a pet-friendly country, especially dogs.

  2. Reply

    Mandy Mc Nicol Erasmus

    March 24, 2018

    Such a precious experience! Being chosen by man’s best friend!! Thank you for sharing it!!!


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