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Old Temples, New Connections and Marsala: Discovering Sicily

By on May 14, 2013

Discovering Sicily: the past week has taken us to a sprawling estate replete with an old farm equipment museum; the Valley of the Temples and now Marsala

The la Maddelena was huge. It’s a family-owned place, named after the owner’s mother. He bought it against advice and is making it into an unbelievable getaway. It has a huge swimming pool, columns aplenty and a farm museum. I felt like I was back in my grandpa’s barns, with mysterious tools that had a purpose you can only guess at.

The Valley of the Temples was ten times better than the Acropolis in Athens for half the cost. The Greek temples are surprisingly intact, resting on hilltops overlooking Agrigento.

Armando had a heyday getting footage for them. From his footage, he created a short film. I researched and wrote the description. It’s now on our Westfalia Digital Nomads channel on Youtube.

During both stays, I spent some time exploring digital nomad communities and reading up on blogs. I found a few surprising gems and made some very cool contacts. A short list of our newly discovered:

The Nomad Project is a site that you contact to get an invite, and then you can find a map of other nomads all over the world. It’s great for travelers who are looking for specific places/connections.

2 Digital Nomads are based in the US and live in a travel trailer. Of course I found it interesting. They live in what they travel in, like us; their ‘home’ is called ‘Willy,’ we have Mork; and I know nothing about being a nomad in the States.
Jennifer of the Digital Nomad Travel Magazine contacted me and we clicked. I sent her articles on Greece, photos and Armando sent a short video on Meteora. Their magazine/app is for iPad travelers and perfect for exploring the world or planning the next adventure.
Two sites I always keep up on: the Digital Nomad Community for meeting people/forums/tips and Mish and Rob’s Anywhereists- their Making It Anywhere: Resources page is gold.

Marsala has been a strange mix. It smells, for one thing. It’s an average coastline with an atrocious sulfur reek. We met a nice vintner who insisted we taste the local wine (‘Marsala’).

That hooch is strong enough to anaesthetize a cow (and we just had teensy sample cups).

The first night, we stayed in a parking lot that is apparently the hotspot for teens. Sunday late night found us surrounded by the honking insanity of adolescent hormones.

Armando was like a crotchety old man, mumbling about ‘kids these days.’ I was reminded of cruising main in my dinky hometown, Lynn’s Drive-In and all.

We had a response from a small resort called La Portazza in Marsala to stay, so we’re now camped in a private area with a designer backyard.

It’s one of those few times where we’ve got time to just focus on our bits and bobs, without travel distractions. Focus can be a nice respite, disheartening, or motivating. It completely depends on the mood, no?

Today is reserved for all: catch-ups, countdowns and conversations. All of our ‘C♯’ majors.

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    May 28, 2013

    love it and you too my sweet traveling niece

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    June 12, 2013

    I loved hearing your voice! The film was wonderful, beautifully shot!

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    melony candea

    September 10, 2013

    Char, thanks much for the positivity. And you too, Auntie. It was a fun short to make. Grin.


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