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Italian TV Wakes Up Our Sunday

By on May 19, 2013
This morning we woke to a media circus, since the biggest Italian TV channel had its live Sunday show filmed at the salt flats today.

The crowds included: mini-judo practitioners; boy scouts; odd craftsmen (model makers of windmills); naval officers; fishermen; and a ton of local ladies dolled up in case the camera caught a glimpse of them in the background.

Italians, apparently, are just as crazy about TV fame as the States. Grin.

Another strange-but-true fact I’ve recently learned about Italian fishermen: for catching octopus, they pour bleach in the water to flush them out so that they can harpoon them. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a little unfair. And pollution-friendly. It also makes me wonder what they did before the fantastic invention of bleach-?

Armando’s recently celebrated his year of being a digital nomad, beginning with getting rid of nearly everything he owned. He left Sofia, Bulgaria and arrived in the Czech Republic- Brno- to visit me.

The rest isn’t history, but the beginning of our adventures. It’s been a productive* year (tongue placed in smirking cheek here), in so many ways.

You can lose your perspective in the daily living, the daily distractions of being on the road.

You can’t see the forest for the trees. Or, in our case, exactly how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved.

I was thinking the other day about our lifestyle. How we meet people. I wondered if it would work outside of Europe for us, in the States for example. We meet complete strangers, and within days have new friends we can revisit at anytime. Additions to our growing nomadic family. The amount of trust given on both sides is fairly surprising in this day and age.
The fact that it works, that we’ve met and stayed with so many great individuals, is testament to the inherent belief people have for one another. (Thank you all)

We’d also like to take a moment to thank the people that have been reading us, though are too shy to say hello: Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, India, Greece, Turkey, Germany,Argentina, Thailand, Macedonia, Ukraine, Denmark, the UK and the States- just to list a few.

Hello, from Armando, Mel, Mork and the Peanut.

We appreciate every visit and enjoy being able to share our journey with you all. Here’s to the next year of discovery, eh? -A & M

*Crikey, almost forgot Australia- good on ye. Ha.

  1. Reply

    Sue Clayton

    May 19, 2013

    Saying hello to you two from sunny Alanya. Just caught up with your latest post and glad to see you are well and happy, Sue and Dave

  2. Reply

    melony candea

    May 19, 2013

    Heya, Alanya looks both gorgeously sunny and exotic. I’m glad Turkey’s treating you well! Hi to David and a special thanks for all of the genealogy help. M & A


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