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Our First Snow of the Year: Travel In Greece

By on January 9, 2013

Back on the road. After 2 weeks in Thessaloniki we finally moved and put Mork back on his wheels. We’re heading towards Athens, but not so fast, a slow travel in Greece.

We’d like to discover the beauty of this country, and we actually are. We opted not to stay on the highway, first because it’s a really boring drive on the highway, and secondly because we could avoid paying tolls.

I think they’re both reason enough. Grin.

We passed through a mountain road and we saw our first snow of the year.

We stopped for a while at the top of the mountain and the view was beautiful, all of the valleys in front of us and it was snowing. The sun and snow were blending together.

We were a little bit worried about the fuel, we had just 19 Euros we’d filled some km back. We really didn’t know where to stop, but were certain not to stop too late because we’d run out of gas.

We finally reached the top, and after that, as you know, the road usually goes down. And thankfully for our gas, so it was.

It was really a beautiful and sunshiny day today. We enjoyed every moment of travelling and stopping from time to time, to take some ‘money shots’ of beauties and beasts just near the road.

We arrived to the town where we were supposed to park, called Kozani, but we still had enough fuel to reach a lake 15 km away from the city.

We stopped by an empty hotel on the way, where we had the opportunity to fill the tank with water: water, full power, gas and food…money arrives in few days by Paypal, so no worries.

We got to the lake and we had a beautiful sunset just in front of the van. And that’s when I told myself ‘I’m living the dream.’

After too many days passed living in a city, maybe not so big but still chaotic- now we can taste something that you love when you have it: silence.

Mork is parked on a little cliff just in front of the lake, the mountains and landscape in front of our eyes and our ears are full of the beauty of the quiet.

It’s strange when it’s so silent, sometimes you try to hear something, but there’s nothing to hear.

The sun has gone down now and some artificial lights are starting to glow in the background.

I‘m sure that many people might envy our style of life; sometimes it’s not really that simple- but it’s worth it for what I have in my eyes, my ears and my simple emotion of pure enjoyment.

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    January 23, 2013

    You really are living the dream…I am so envious of your adventures. As always, beautiful pictures and words to go along . <3

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    melony candea

    January 26, 2013

    We are in many ways living the dream, though it’s not always perfection. The pics are (usually) Armando’s. Thank you for your comments, as always.


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