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Whirlwind Work European Tour 2013: Full Circle, Back in Milan

By on September 22, 2013

We arrived back in Milan last night, after nearly 3 months of intense travel from our European Tour. Our highest points: the sunset over Berlin from a parking garage; revisiting old friends and making new ones; the seals on the French Coast.

But we also lost so very much during that journey. The return to Milan is bittersweet. Our ‘old’ memories of us, just 3 months ago, mingles with the ‘changed’ us. There are reminders everywhere of our joy and anticipation of the unknown. In a way, it makes our loss of Adrian more physical.

Yet we’re full of hope for the future. Our creativity’s returned, finally, as has our optimism and motivation. If Paris was our recuperation, then Milan is our redefinition. The stability of being surrounded by Armando’s family and a temporary home base is priceless for us right now.

We’re excited about the Westfalia Digital Nomads website, which is much more challenging than we thought. Who doesn’t love a good challenge, eh? Grin. We’ve got more projects projecting than time, but we’re looking forward to the work.

A side note for our two carpoolers from Paris to Lyons- Sabine and Inti- about Lyons to Milan. Lyons is by far one of the most confusing, complicated and difficult to navigate cities we’ve ever been to. We actually left while there was still daylight, in frustration. We could see the street we wanted- we could almost touch it- we just couldn’t get there. It was a maze.

IMG_7057[1]The ‘Napoleon Route’ we took through the French Alps to Milan was a geographic kaleidoscope.

The mountains changed constantly. Purpled pines bled into vermillion fields, fiery clays cut into cliffs. Visually stunning. I fell even more deeply infatuated with the diverse French landscape. It reminded me of Montana, aka home.

The only downside was the mad amount of: roundabouts, cyclists, tunnels and impatient Germans in souped-up cars. No different to the rest of Europe, really. Ha. On that note, we’ll sign off. Expect to hear of our adventures in Milan soon- arTrek12/Westfalia Digital Nomads

Thank Yous from Our Whirlwind Work Tour:

We’d like to thank: Armando’s family (Edda, Jerry, Laura, Brian and Audrey); Misko; Marcia and Diane; the Brnaci; the Berlin bloggers/digital nomads; Niki for Belgium; Dom and Miro for the UK (we can never thank you two enough); Sue and Dave; Pablo for Paris; the carpoolers we’ve been lucky to have on board; and of course all of our readers that have traveled our adventures with us.

We really do appreciate you.

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