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At Your Service: Deliveries in Istanbul

By on November 13, 2012

Large Deliveries IstanbulThe service industry in Turkey comes in the expected forms, i.e. waiters, but they add a significant twist: the delivery.

We’ve tried (and failed) to find something in Istanbul that can’t be delivered. It ties into their love of everything commerce.

When you’re attempting to go from point A to point B – such as crossing a street, say- you’ve got to be downright gymnastic. Pedestrians? Cars? Nope. It’s the delivery men you have to be very wary of.

Unusual Deliveries Istanbul

The waiters with trays of hot teas or meals still steaming, zigzagging through the masses; the fellas pushing carts either selling or collecting; the hundreds of motorcycles/mopeds speeding around weensy corners with a cursory honk or two.                                                                                        T
Those are the real dangers.

Delivery Services TurkeyThey also highlight the Turks innate creativity of salesmanship. The large wooden carts have hand-painted phone numbers written on the side, should you need them to pick something up.

Anything iron or resembling a metallic substance, of any size and condition, for example. Or they’ll drop something off. Anywhere.

Food Delivery in Istanbul

Then there are those that peddle their wares, calling out what’s available.
The other day we saw a fella with clocks, over-sized garishly green glass elephants and bangles for the girliest of matrons. No one said their goods had to have logic to add to collections. 

Need to move house? No problem, there’s a fella for that. In fact, he’ll either stuff it in the largest trash bag possible, or he’ll strap it on his back. All of it.

Feeling thirsty? Motorcycle delivery of large water bottles, no problem. Have you run out low on propane? Barring accidents along the way, you’ll be back in business in no time.

The motorcyclists also deliver: any food. Fast food. Slow food. Food that hasn’t been invented yet. I remember when getting front door service was a treat in the CZ. Here, it’s a given.
The words I keep indulging in about Istanbul is ‘semi-organized chaos,’ but there really isn’t a more appropriate or precise way I can think of to describe.
Wait a minute… I  wonder… maybe they have a delivery service for that-? Grin. 


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