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Digital Nomads Never Give Up, We Just Keep On Truckin’

By on July 11, 2013
I think that lately I’ve had a couple of lessons that I’ll keep for life instructions: don’t leave anything, even an empty bag in the car (or in our case, Mork), because somebody will be attracted by it and the consequences are not so nice. This is how we get robbed.

The second thing is to not give up, but from the bad experience try to think positively and go on with your main plan, looking for other and different solutions.

Life is not the same every day, and we need to be prepared and to change plans when anything occurs. So changing a plan, especially in our digital nomad life, is pretty much our everyday norm.
I think that gives more speed to life itself when from the morning we focus on our day and the goals we want to complete. And if I’m doing everything with a smile on my face: even better.

Learning every day more about life itself is so exciting.

As you know, we live, work and travel in Mork , so it’s more than a simple ‘vehicle-’ he’s our home. And it’s really bad when somebody does something bad to him and ‘invades’ our place.
Yet on the other side a car is so fixable, and it’s what we’ll do ASAP. 

For the camera, the tripod and the sound device, well… that hurts more, not cause of the object itself but more because it’s my way to get my daily bread for my son Adrian Philip, Mel and me. Like in a bakery somebody stole the flour or the yeast… no bread for the day.

Actually, this is the first ‘bad’ experience we’ve had in one year of travelling, and I think that’s acceptable: on our trip we’ve met fantastic people, we’ve seen many beautiful places and we’ve had great emotions. 

Never give up, but find the right solution to solve your problem. It’s much better and more prolific than wasting my time not finding a solution and just bitching about what happened.

Of course (but I won’t say) what I would like to happen to the guy/s that stole my stuff. I think you can imagine. 

Anyway, it’ll be a new start and I hope soon to be able to buy a new camera- even a better one than the one stolen- and with it continue with the passion I carry of doing my job, here and there, putting my name on what I produce and to continue being happy about my life.

(It helps that we also found a good place, a park & ride in Holesovice just for 20 KCs a day (less than €1) with a fence and a nice guy that checks the cars. It’s really nearby the metro, and just a couple stops before I’m right in the heart of Prague.

So, with a smile from the CZ…


P.S.: When something bad happens to you…just wait for something better, because they usually come in groups from bad to good. Keep hope.

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    July 13, 2013

    Considering the crime rate for many of the places you 2 have visited; I am rather surprised this is your first ‘set back’.
    But as you said, it is the perfect excuse to buy a better camera. The other stuff is more easily replaced.

    P.S. Take care of my little sister.

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    melony candea

    July 25, 2013

    You know, fair enough. We’ve been inordinately lucky in the last year, and if this setback is the worst we’ve had I really have no room for complaints. At least we’re all safe, eh?

    Not that Armando needed an excuse (ha) but he’s looking forward to a new and improved investment for his filming.

    I can guarantee, she’s well taken care of. -Mel


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