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Food Is the Word

By on November 27, 2012

Food is one of the more important aspects of living abroad.

There truly is no way of expressing how delicious comfort food is, or the delicacy in being in a foreign country and trying to recreate home.

It is the soul of life, in other words, right next to affection and self-worth.

Pretty high stakes, for something only thought of when your tummy rumbles.

Our times out, we’ve been treated like royalty. Partially due to Armando’s job, partially due to the wonderful people, who happen to cook on the side, inviting us in. I’ll start with breakfast at a cafe that serves an Agean breakfast.

It includes: butter, honey, fresh bread, fresh  pesto, olives, eggs, and anything that you could possibly have a craving for. Erm, super yum, anyone?

Along with them doing their best to make us large coffees and a local cat for comfort. (Ufak Tefek Seyler Cafe- Turnacibaci Street 44/B)

Malvina’s visit took us to a pizzeria Armando had filmed, and we had a top view of the music going on below. It was Scat from the 20s, from an English girl and her band. Hands down, the absolute best pizza I’ve had in years.

Including the States and the CZ. My mouth waters as I think about the spicy pizza, I think a word others would use to describe watching me eat would be: inhale. (Pizzeria Cukurcuma 49- Turnacibaci Street 49)

We’d met Mitch, an American English teacher for a secondary school, because of his curiosity of the van. He invited us to an exclusive* ‘pulled pork’ dinner, that included honey baked-beans, coleslaw and ‘mom’s homemade brownies.’

Can I just add a wow now? It was great, except we had our appetizers after the main course… but the restaurant was immaculate. (Juno Restaurant- Mim Kemal Oke Street 15)

For Malvina’s birthday night, we went to a restaurant that was on the wharf. The guys didn’t notice, but us three girls were very aware of the sausage factory (sorry, gent-filled, only one other woman in a rather large room. And us).

They brought us tasters in small dishes to choose from, and it was one dish after another delivered professionally to the table. Small, perfect portions. Superbly tasty. I’d definitely go back just for the great service. Oh, and the food wasn’t bad either. Grin.

Last night was brilliant. We’re both still nursing hangovers from it (thanks, Shellie, genuinely). We went to Shellie’s for dinner and met Denis, Alex and another American banker that lives in London.

We had the opportunity to have fresh fish baked (Armando had caught them that day) along with two things I normally detest: sardines and eggplant. Delish.

We honestly don’t eat out much, we’re kind of home-cook kings. However, when we do eat out we’re over the moon with the gorgeous eats we’ve partaken.



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