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Northern Poland: From the Seashore to Lakesides and a Bit of Gdansk in Between

By on June 10, 2014

We might live in a campervan, but we honestly don’t stay in camping sites often. In fact, it comes down to about once a year. This time in Northern Poland.

When we do it’s spoiling ourselves. Free WiFi, showers and electricity a few days in a row are like a vacation for us. Ha.

There’s this great campsite outside of Gdansk that’s a stone’s throw from the sea: Stogi. Armando made a trade of doing a video for staying, and we had an unusual sense of community.

2014-06-08 21.39.35-2The most interesting aspect: connecting with people we normally don’t meet, due to the nature of our slow travels through cities and countryside.

I was super happy to meet a young Czech couple (traveling with their beautiful baby, Barbara) on their way to Sweden; Armando picked the brains of two girls that had a more modern caravan and were willing to show him the perks.

It’s nice for us to socialize outside of our usual. Our usual being Armando and I, chatting, rehashing and generally spending time just with each other.

Another nice thing in our recent travels: Gdansk. Where we were both foreigners, and feeling it. Embracing it, would be more exact.

We loved how it was a mixture of Amsterdam-meets-Antwerp (port city) with many of the people speaking languages neither of us understood.

It’s delicious, sometimes, to be able to enjoy your own foreign-ness. Grin.

2014-06-07 21.45.45-2The Masurian Lake District in Poland is chock-full of lakes, obviously; but strange enough there are very few places to actually be next to the lakes.

We spent the same amount of time looking for a place via dusty, bumpy dirt roads as we did on the smooth highways getting there.

A tip for those planning on a Polish holiday: beware mosquitos.

We’ve both been eaten alive at different times in the past week. But we do love our water, so if we have a little itchy discomfort from time to time, it’s worth it.

We’re in Warsaw at the moment, staying close to a place called the Soho Factory. Armando’s shooting for one of his clients while I write from the van. I really do work from home. Grin.

 We’ll catch you all up in a short moment, when we’ve finished with Warsaw and are on our way to Lithuania. It’s been an interesting journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming. M, A & Mork



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