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Warsaw and Primeval Forests, Minus the Bison

By on June 17, 2014

Warsaw was a much quieter (and a prettier city) than we were led to expect, because of the almost-complete rebuilding after the war. Sure, there are some crazy looking buildings- some are drab- but some are beautiful.

We stayed next to the Skaryszewski Park and had no problems there, or in the neighborhood. I even made friends with a local red squirrel. Ha.

2014-06-09 17.28.39-1In the park, we found the Pod Stragiem Pub, which was very cool on many levels. Our server, Alojzy, was/is a Couchsurfer and fellow traveler who also helps organize outdoor film nights at the pub.

We watched ‘Bueno Vista Social Club,’ followed by Armando’s short film: Colors. (Yes, Niki, you’re famous now in Poland-! Grin.)

The bison in Poland were kind of a fascination for me. Where I come from, we have the National Bison Range. Poland is home to the largest population of European bison, so I was excited to show them to Armando.

2014-06-17 11.03.28Unfortunately, our timing’s off. The best time to see the bison is in the winter, when they’re being fed. In the summer they…well, go where the deer and the buffalo* roam. Not so visible. They also have a ‘protected’ reserve, which is kind of a zoo. We opted not to go.

Instead, we drank up the gorgeous and eerie beauty of the Bialowieza National Park. It’s definitely worth the visit. Definitely.

2014-06-09 18.07.34-2Some time in the past week, one of our articles (50 or So Thought-Provoking & Peculiar Facts About Poland) started getting a lot of visits. Then a lot more. We’re so appreciative of Racjonalista Magazine (Thank you-!) for posting us on their page, along with many others. It’s been great getting feedback from so many.

Today is our last night/day in Poland this time around. We’re on a beautiful lake outside of Augustow with plans to head to Lithuania in the morning. Again, thanks for reading us, kids. We’ll keep you posted on our Baltic adventures. M, A & Mork

P.S. Thank you all for our wonderful time in Poland 🙂




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