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On the Road Again: Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

By on March 18, 2014

We’ve kept pretty mum/quiet lately, but that’s partially because we didn’t have anything new to add. We stayed in Sofia, Bulgaria for much longer than anticipated and lived a static life. By static, I mean staying in one place for months on end; cleaning; baking; working and watching the weather change.

Going Away from Static back to Van Living

The adjustments have been pretty funny for us. Forgetting silly things, like what ‘usually’ goes where or what we need to buy before heading out on the road. We missed staples like coffee and sugar, but had oranges, for example. I kept hitting my head when I was bent over the sink since I’d become used to so much space.

On the plus side, we are much more prepared this time around than we were the last time we left Sofia in 2012. We knew what clothes to pack, what sentimentals we could leave behind and our routine is nearly a routine again just 3 days in.

Checking out Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria


The first description that comes to mind: it’s a castle town. Seriously surrounded by ruins both sides of the river. It’s extremely picturesque, with a lot of traditional Bulgarian buildings and churches. We found a nice parking place right next to the river, with a night view of a church opposite that’s lit at night.

We found a cool art gallery called “Tam” that Armando discovered yesterday- perfect for atmosphere, for our work and WiFi. I was sick as a dog so stayed home in bed most of the day. We’ve already found a few places we’d like to see, but we seem to have the best timing for the city right now- their yearly festival starts Friday. We’ve already got our tickets to help with the lamp lighting ceremony on Saturday.

It’s certainly something new for us. Ha.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but we will keep you updated with our journey through Veliko Tarnovo and further. A, M & Mork




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