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Plans Changed, Disappointment Becomes Opportunity

By on June 17, 2013
My little sister, Megan, is getting married September 14 of this year. It was my main priority to be able to make it there for her. The one thing I was most looking forward to, was working forward to- the one I had active daydreams about. I haven’t seen my family since 2008, in the midst of a tragedy. This was to be a proper family holiday.

Life- or in this case, Adrian’s due-date- got in the way. While we were more than ecstatic at the news that he was healthy, that I’m healthy- I was devastated to find out he was due mid-October. When faced with the choices (which were limited and extreme) we had to opt not to go.

It broke my heart. It still does.

I don’t write about my personal strife here, pretty much because I’m a terrifically private person. But I think if our arTrek12 is supposed to be true to the traveling experience, we can’t possibly ignore one constant downside: missing our families/missing important events- I guess a general feeling of ‘missing out.’ It’s a trade off.

We’ve decided to follow this path, create this life- yet that doesn’t mean that it’s easy, or that we discount any one else’s experiences or expectations of us. Life just sometimes, quite simply, gets in the way of the best intentions.

At the moment, we’re visiting Armando’s Aunt Giuliana and Uncle Giorgio (the one that helped us with Mork many months ago) and despite being surrounded by beauty and his family’s warmth I still feel homesick pangs for my family. It’s not something that eases with time, or fades to the background eventually- it’s a continual process of ‘lack.’

Soon after breaking the news to a few back home, we’ve had several opportunities arise. There’s a possibility we’ll be writing a series for a Palermo newspaper (me writing, Armando translating into Italian) about our lifestyle, and we continue travel in Italy. 

Armando’s job is taking us on a whirlwind in roughly a week: Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels (one week each in each place for shooting) and then to London for a week to work on his own film and some time in Paris to recover and regroup. We’re still in development for our official* website, to which we’ll be adding footage from the trip.

We took a ‘carpooler’ from Bari to Rome, and he and Armando had the Italian bromance of the century. Grin. Two excited Italian men talking nonstop (and man can they talk-!) for, dunno, almost 8 hours straight? You think I kid. 

They were so involved in discussion, we ran out of gas and barely coasted into a station. Seriously. Grin. The result from this wordy whirlwind: a marketer that wants to pitch ideas for us to several big companies he represents.

We shall wait and see. Right now, we’re recovering nicely in Murlo, Tuscany with Armando’s family for a few days and being stuffed to the gills with gorgeous food and velvety landscapes. It could be worse. Grin.

Of course none of these opportunities make up for my familial sadness. On the positive side, like Meg wrote me: I’ll just have to see you when I meet Adrian.

Thank you to both of our families- for your breadth of understanding our ‘crazy’ life; for supporting our decision to be where we are; and for being who you are. We’d be lost without you.

Here’s to a fruitful* (pun intended, evil wink) next 6 months to all. We’ll be in touch, for now ciao from Tuscany.



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