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The Story of Ziggy Stardog: Taghazout, Morocco

By on January 28, 2016

We’re usually quite good about posting regularly on our ‘top secret’ new post days, but we’re flouting the rules to introduce you to Ziggy.
We’ve been staying in Taghazout the…

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Bonjour, Morocco: Culture Shock, We’ve Missed You!

By on January 20, 2016

I think it’s fair to say we’ve been a little coddled in our European experiences. The cultures are very diverse and fascinating, but there’s this underlying ‘Euro’ feeling.
Maybe it’s the…

Fun Facts

40+ Weird and Wonderful Facts about Portugal

By on December 18, 2015

Portugal is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, topped with a fascinating history and a vibrant culture. We fell in love with it at…

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Stopping by Lisbon, our capital N. 19

By on October 20, 2015

After a really nice time on the Portuguese seacoast, doing our typical slow travel, we finally arrived in Lisboa/Lisbon. We found a lovely spot just near the city center…

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A Surf Championship, A Coworking Meetup and Adiós to Spain

By on September 29, 2015

We haven’t done a regular travel post in quite a while; our hands were pretty full with our Kickstarter campaign and a lot of new clients. So we’ll just…

Van Life

Living as a Vanlife or Digital Nomad Couple aka How NOT to Kill Each Other

By on September 9, 2015

When people find out a.) we’re married- to each other- and b.) that we’ve been traveling on the road, in Europe for three+ years in a minivan, we get…

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Galicia and the Dangers of Fishing

By on August 12, 2015

Galicia is our fifth (I think-?) region of Spain we’re discovering. It has cool things like Cathedral Beach (too touristy for us right now, but check it out in…

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A New Van, a Gondola and Surf Inspiration

By on July 28, 2015

It’s been pretty busy on the WDN front. Starting with parking Mork for 3 days and driving a new van (model?) via Sunsetcamper. Armando had met Nacho and Rocio…

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Running Bulls, Surf Widowing and New Friends

By on July 14, 2015

We’ve had a pretty lively time of things lately, which is good. I really love the Basque Country and the Basques, generally. They were open, kind and blatantly honest-…

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Northern Spain: Basque Country, Beaches and Beauties

By on June 30, 2015

I can say was an amazing week here at Bakio. We came from the east and before arriving from the top of the hill you can see the beach….

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The South of France: Drive-by Cities, Gypsies and Flamingos

By on May 26, 2015

Growing up in rural Montana, I never thought I’d travel through ultra-chic places on the French Riviera. It’s interesting how absolutely uninteresting most famous* places have been.
Nice, not the…

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Bonjour from France: The Riviera and Quietude

By on May 19, 2015

This will be a short post, heavy on images. The past few days were spent on the French Riviera (now that’s a place I’d never imagined visiting-!) and taking…

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Back on the Road: Our New Adventures Begin

By on May 11, 2015

We’ve been kind of busy little camping bees, getting back into our travel groove. It’s funny how rusty we’d become after our Milan pause. Small things we wouldn’t have…

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Montana: Outlaws, UFOs and Wilderness

By on May 5, 2015

(Plus a few tips for tourists visiting Montana you won’t want to miss)
“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But…

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The Po Delta and a Sponsorship- No, Two-!

By on April 16, 2015

We spent our Easter weekend at the Po Delta. We started our mini-vaca by stopping by C-Lover to chat with Alessandro, who does the coolest campervan conversions in Italy. They’re…

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Visiting Montana Part 2: Home Sweet Home

By on February 20, 2015

Given that I’m still slightly jet-lagged from my visit home, I’ll ask you for a bit of leniency if I go off on (seemingly) unrelated tangents. It was a…

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An Unexpected Trip Home: Mel Goes to Montana

By on January 30, 2015

I’ll start out by saying I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. My Aunt Sheila offered for me to visit home and I jumped on it. I hadn’t been…

Digital Nomads

Our Top 25+ Digital Nomad Sites for Wannabes, Newbies and Seasoned DNs

By on November 3, 2014

When we started our travels, we didn’t call ourselves ‘digital nomads.’ We just knew 2 things: we wanted to get our travel on and we had to figure out…

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Coypus, Dancehalls and a Farmhouse: Northern Italy

By on October 29, 2014

We wanted to take a break from Milan for a bit, and Armando’s friend Peter (aka ‘Scarfo’) invited us to visit his farmhouse.
I had a certain idea of a…

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Cologne: Calm, Cool & Collected

By on October 14, 2014

I have to admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the tour at the Westfalia factory. I’m not particularly car-keen, but being able to watch the fiberglass…

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